Friday, October 2, 2009

Why be inspired?

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing many entrepreneurs. I hope you were as inspired as I was with their dedication, ambition and commitment to seeing their passion come to life. Team Design Vetica juggles both school work and professional work to make their company work. Carlos from Bloom Marketing works hard to see his company grow despite the recession, forget the norm – he is defying the norm and surpassing it. Leon at age 27 commands the largest Real Estate Channel in Canada. Brian and his team, fresh out of university has garnered worldwide attention for Followformation, a twitter solution his company created after being inspired by Jason Calanis‘ cash bid to be one of the suggested user in the sign up process on twitter. Victor and Josh from Make It Business are there to provide all the support and resources for these entrepreneurs to grow their start-ups.

The point of these interviews is to show you a glimpse into the minds of these entrepreneurs and to inspire you to think of what is possible. What is possible is the ability to achieve what you think of with some hard work. And even though, they have tripped, fell and lost countless hours of sleep (in Brian’s case and I am sure with others as well), they remain excited despite the challenges they faced and will face because they believe so strongly in their dreams. I am sure if you sit down with each of them for one-on-one time, they will share their battle stories and show you their scars. I was recently visited by my old university club, Simon Fraser chapter of Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE SFU) and many had technical questions of how to get started but I couldn’t clearly convey as to how I got started and what I needed to get started. I can only describe it as a strong need to support entrepreneurs and a strong desire to have my own freedom. That has manifested in Urban Bella, The Network Hub and Atomic Media. The challenges and the scars are part of the journey. I believe I am better for it, as any entrepreneur can attest.

I hope you come away from each interview with a renewed sense of optimism, a clearer sense of purpose and the desire to just do it, because that is all there is to get started.
Quote of the day:
"Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit."

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